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“One morning at her business breakfast in Brooklyn, I told Sheila and her client from Four Seasons Bali, ”I do whatever Sheila asks.” She grinned. Bit of a stretch but they’re that good.”

Brekke Fletcher
Executive Editor, CNN Travel

“Most PR interactions I have add zero value. It is almost laughable. Sheila, however, understands the world of luxuryand travel, understands what makes a story, and is a true dot connector. Plus the team acts quickly and efficiently,respecting deadlines and understanding the context of what I, and the broader Skift team, want to do. It opens doors,sharpens angles, and I am appreciative of what they do for the industry.”

Colin Nagy
Skift columnist on hospitality, innovation, and business

“Sheila Donnelly & Associates has long been the most prodigious PR company around. Situated in both Hawaii andNew York, they have bi-coastal gravitas. The fact that they are in Hawaii, though, makes them an ideal partner forCathay--they absolutely understand Asia in a way that most PR companies do not. I've worked with them for perhapsthree decades (almost), and they absolutely understand the task of writers, the journey we make. They're great forconnecting writers and destinations, partners, such as airlines, with writers/outlets. They manage to stand behindeveryone. This is a business about loyalty and relationships. They truly understand how that works. I would highlyrecommend them to represent anyone at all, any business at all. They understand that we're all in this together. I wishI could hire them for myself!”

Becca Hensley
Freelance writer for National Geographic Traveler, Organic Spa, Travel Channel, Toronto Star, Bridal Guide, Destinations, Weddings & Honeymoons, Austin American Statesman, Fodor’s, Virtuoso Traveler

“I have known Sheila Donnelly Theroux in both a personal and professional capacity for many years. Sheila hascultivated a far-ranging network of relationships and is beloved by all in the industry, not just for her strategic workacumen, but for the ease with which she handles complicated projects, invariably delivering amazing results. As theExecutive Editor of W Magazine, I can attest that Sheila would be a great asset for any company.”

Armand Limnander
Executive Editor, W Magazine

“Working with SDA is always a joy. Whether it be an international trip to Bali or a quick detour in Boston, the teamtakes care of journalists in a fashion that's prompt and professional without ever being pushy. Those are qualities Iwish more PR firms adhered to.”

Mark Ellwood
Contributing editor, Conde Nast Traveler; Editor-at-Large, Robb Report; Co-host, Bloomberg Luxury podcast Travel Genius

“It is a given that Sheila knows who to call for a story. She has years of trust in the industry, which means that whenthat call arrives, you take it, act on it, and say thank you - so that next time, you edge closer up the list to get the bigscoop she has on the table. Sheila represents the big guns to the big guns, with impactful results. That’s why I keepon the right side of her, so as a journalist I can be part of the conversations that matter in travel.

Sophy Roberts
Travel author; contributor to The Financial Times Life & Arts; freelance writer (The Wall Street Journal, TheTimes, Telegraph, Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, House & Garden, Christie’s, Porter, Harper's Bazaar, Port,Avaunt)

Sheila Donnelly & Associates has always been proactive in providing focused pitches, travel strategies, research, andsupport while on assignment in Asia, including a recent cover story for Saveur Magazine, and another feature projectin Hong Kong scheduled to appear in the September issue of Gourmet Traveller.”

Shane Mitchell
Contributing Editor, Saveur Magazine and freelance writer for TASTE, Food & Wine, Food52

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